Everything I Own as a Minimalist Family

Despite knowing that minimalism is dependent on the individual and their lifestyle, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with what other minimalists own, so I made a list of my own inventory. 

I share a house with my elderly parents so this list won’t include their rooms or belongings. I also haven’t included my kids’ rooms or belongings because that is ever changing and could be a list of its own. Neither do I include all of my husbands belongings (he is naturally minimalist himself although he says he doesn’t identify as one).

No matter where you are on the minimalist scale, or whether you are a minimalist at all, this list is personal to me and matches my current lifestyle as a minimalist with my current hobbies. 

Remember, minimalism doesn’t come down to an exact number of possessions because everyone is different and needs a different number of things. I’m just list and minimalism obsessed and thought I’d share the inventory I made. 

My personal inventory  



Laptop sleeve



Camera case


Headphone Case

Running headphones in case

Bluetooth mouse


Printer/scanner in 1

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Case

Echo Dot (acts as bedroom alarm clock and radio)

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Xbox One Series S

Sega Mastersystem II

DS Lite

DS Lite Cse


3DS XL Case

Wallet of switch and DS games

Wallet of ps4 games

2 sentimental ps1 games

2 ps3 games

2 gamecube games

7 ps2 games

3 Wii games

Small box of Gameboy Advance games

Playing cards

Switch Ring Fit Adventure with ring accessory

Switch drum game with drum

Storage chest seat

Cord storage bag with cords

32 soundtracks in original cases

Old music CD collection in a wallet (threw away the cases)

Supernatural Blu Ray collection box 

Death Note Blu ray box set

Aliens Blu Ray box set

The Butterfly Effect directors cut DVD

3 Death Note movie DVD’S

Braindead DVD

Lion King Blu Ray

Lion King 2 Blu Ray 


2 backpacks

Small shoulder bag

Evening bag

1 smart long coat 

1 black parka coat

1 thin waterproof rain coat


Ear muffs


2 sandals

Running shoes

Everyday trainers

Brown ankle boots

Work shoes

Rainbow wellies

2 Skinny jeans

2 black leggings

Running/exercise bottoms

2 hoodies (1 for running and exercise)

3 t shirts (1 for running and exercise)

2 cardigans

4 thin long-sleeve tops 

2 work blazers

2 work blouses

2 work trousers

1 short sleeve peplum top

2 dresses

2 Pyjamas


Dressing gown


Approx 12 pairs of socks

Clothes depiller

Work lanyard

Approx 6 bras

Approx 6 pairs of underwear

2 hair scrunchies

2 watches (one sports watch)

2 jewellery cases

5 necklaces (1 of which is a healing/energy crystal)

1 bracelet 

Hair Dryer

Hair Straighteners

Eco Razor 

Eco toothbrush



Body wash 

Pure shea butter lotion



Nail clippers with emery board

Wash bag 

Small natural roll-on perfume

1 wooden comb

Reuseable sanitary towels

4 reusable carrier bags

1 freezer food shopping bag

3 reusable produce bags 

Small wallet 

Wedding photo album

Pre-wedding couple shoot photo album 

Fidget cube

Weighted blanke

12 physical books


Animal crossing card collectors album

Danganronpa Nagito Komaeda Figure

Teddie Nendroid (Persona 4)

Teddie interchangeable nendroid in box

1 pocket-size notebook

1 to-do list notebook

3 Parka pens (all gifts)

Laundry pen

Chalk pen

Pack of envelopes

Roll of sticky labels

Sticky tupperware labels

Bank card reader

Small plastic drawers for batteries

Expandable paperwork folder 

Certificate and achievement portfolio

Printer paper


2 colouring books

Colouring pencils

Colouring pens

Stationary holder 

Cute gift box ready to give away

1 personal mug

1 keepcup for taking out

Stainless steel water bottle

1 litre water bottle

3 large wine glasses (all gifts)

1 Baileys glass

Sentimental soft toy I’ve had since I was born

Childhood teddy bear 

Sentimental Persona 4 Teddie soft toy  

Sentimental dogl soft toy that belonged to my nan

3 photos in frames (one of my wedding, 1 of an old friend who passed away, 1 of me and my nan who passed away)

2 cute letters my son wrote me 

2 old funny notebooks I wrote as a small kid

Box of photos and albums (need sorting)

Tarot reading paper/forecast from years ago 

Box of Nintendo DS & Gameboy Advance cases

Box of Nintendo Switch game cases

Box of videogame soundtracks

3 plants (though plants tend to die in my presence lol)

Shared stuff with my family

SNES mini

Gaming PC



Nintendo Switch

Xbox Series S

Furniture (not including kids rooms or kids belongings)

Living Room

1 Sofa

Entertainment Unit

Dining table and 4 chairs

2 small side coffee tables

Computer desk

Computer chair

1 storage footstool

1 basket for game controllers


Divan bed

2 side tables (3 drawer)



Dirty linen basket


Coat rack

Umbrella storage rack

Shoe cabinet


Tall boy 

Kitchen (does not include food storage for pasta, nuts and spices)

Fridge freezer


Bottle steriliser 

Perfect Prep bottle machine 

Chopping board set 

2 tea caddies 

Instant hot water dispenser

Knife block with scissors and peeler

Frying pan

Saucepan set 

5 cups

Plate and bowl set (4 of each)

11 glasses (we had a few more but I broke a good few of them and we didn’t need to replace)

Baby food blender

Cutlery set (4 each of knives, forks, and spoons) 



Wooden Spoon 

Wooden spatula

Bottle opener

2 medicine spoons


Mixing Bowl 

2 measuring jugs 


Oven proof dish

Baking tray set 

Cake tray 

Cooling tray 

George Foreman grill 

Slow Cooker

Lunch bag 

Reuseable food wraps and bags 

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