Why I left Youtube (I’m back now)

Over a year ago, I excitedly started up a Youtube channel where I would talk about minimalism and decluttering. However, about six videos in, my dad got severely ill and I stopped. I talk more about that, here, in my new video. I will be posting more content to my Continue Reading

Why I’m Experimenting With Extreme Minimalism

This morning, I’m feeling giddy with excitement, inspiration, and curiosity. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. Perhaps being over 3 weeks sober has something to do with it. That, and the extreme(ish) minimalist experiment I’m about to undertake. After a Saturday intentionally binging my favourite videogames (which Continue Reading

Decluttering Alcohol from My Life: 6 Things That Were Keeping Me Stuck 

A couple of weeks ago, at half 1 in the morning, I awoke filled with regret for the bad choices I’d made yet again. I wasn’t hungover, although this time I had consumed enough comfort food and alcohol for my stomach to eject its shameful burning contents down the toilet Continue Reading