Decluttering CD’s

We live in an age where just about everything is digital. I got rid of almost all of my DVD’s and music CD’s…apart from my beloved videogame and TV soundtracks.

Admittedly, I don’t own a CD drive to even play these anymore (unless you count my game consoles and my son’s PC which still has a disc drive).

But really, with Youtube and Spotify, and the ability to rip music from old CD’s at a high quality, there’s no way I would listen to the physical media anymore.

As much as I love my soundtracks, I plan to buy a 1tb USB flashdrive, rip the music and do away with the physical media itself.

Now, the only issue I’m grappling with in my mind is that most of these aren’t available to buy digitally, should I ever lose my data.

But nothing is forever. Digital data can last longer than discs, sure. But in the end, nothing lasts infinitely.

Everytime I look at this collection, I am grateful for all the joy they’ve bought me, but I value space much more.

The way I’m downsizing is as if I was going to move into a tiny home. I’m quite obsessed with the idea (even though it isn’t possible at this point in my life). Despite that moving into a tiny home itself isn’t viable at this time, I figured I can still downsize as if that were the case.

Since we are now a family of 4 (and my elderly parents also live with us) it’s more important than ever for me to live as simply and as minimally as possible. Life is chaotic enough without visual clutter and more things getting in the way.

Less is definitely more.

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