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    What Do You Want from Life?

    Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash On a number of occasions my husband has asked me what I want out of life. We sometimes have these kinds of conversations when the kids have gone to bed or we’re out on a date night.  My answer is always the same: I want peace.  But what does that actually mean? Peace can mean so many things to different people. No arguments, a calm relationship, a calm environment, world peace, inner peace, good health.  For me, peace means freedom from torment and trauma, good mental health, a calm environment, and a loving circle of friends and family.  Years ago, if you’d asked me the same question…

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    Life Decisions

    Photo by Burst on Unsplash Sundays are my lay-in day. My husband gets up with the kids and usually, I sleep in with a cheeky cup of tea. But this morning, I’ve been unable to sleep, so I got up and opened my blinds, letting in the crisp early-morning sun, then I began typing these thoughts. There are a couple of reasons I couldn’t get back to sleep. Firstly, the terrible invasion of Ukraine, and worrying about my good friend in Russia. My heart and my thoughts are with everyone affected by these horrific events, and I want nothing more than for Ukraine to experience peace again sooner rather than later. Secondly, the…

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    The Power of Choice

    Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash As far as health goes, I’ve been having a rough time lately. Weeks into my lovely new job, I tested positive for Covid (again), and although that was incredibly mild compared to the first time I caught it, I returned to work and immediately came down with a throat infection which has moved into my chest. It was kind of hilarious, actually, trying to support children in class when I had completely lost my voice. It was almost like playing a game of Taboo, with everyone trying to guess what I was miming, except there were no winners or losers. I’ve been sat in bed for most of…

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    Life Update

    Hi all! Just checking in here because I know it’s been ages since I sat down and wrote a post and wanted to let you all know I’m still around; I still think about this blog and getting round to posting again. Sharing the benefits of minimalism is dear to me but at the moment life is pretty full with college, work, parenting, and learning to drive. I’m not going to lie – I’m exhausted, and a few months ago I got Covid which I’m still struggling with post-viral fatigue. It means I’ve had to make some (hopefully temporary) adjustments in my life, and I’ve had to prioritise the most…

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    When Life Happens – Where Have I Been?

    I realise it’s been too long since I’ve posted here, so here I am, sitting writing this at 12:50am UK time – a time I’m usually wandering around dreamland. It’s my second night of being wide awake because it’s becoming almost impossible to get comfy now that I feel like a beached whale at almost 34 weeks pregnant. People tell me it’s a small bump for a second child, but try telling me that as I gasp from the exertion of using the stairs, and of trying to roll over in bed like a flipped over turtle. Anyway, if you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re wondering where my usual…