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    Why I left Youtube (I’m back now)

    Over a year ago, I excitedly started up a Youtube channel where I would talk about minimalism and decluttering. However, about six videos in, my dad got severely ill and I stopped. I talk more about that, here, in my new video. I will be posting more content to my channel in the future, where I will talk more about the minimalist lifestyle, and related content (and I’ll definitely be working on my Youtube skills going forward!) It’s going to be an interesting, exciting endeavour, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

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    Decluttering Alcohol from My Life: 6 Things That Were Keeping Me Stuck 

    A couple of weeks ago, at half 1 in the morning, I awoke filled with regret for the bad choices I’d made yet again. I wasn’t hungover, although this time I had consumed enough comfort food and alcohol for my stomach to eject its shameful burning contents down the toilet when I’d sooner have been writing. It had been years since I’d eaten and drank enough to throw up, although I was ashamed about the almost daily habit of one or two glasses a night I’d progressed to (with one or two days alcohol free). Not to mention what it was doing to my bank account.  That evening, I lay…

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    Doing Nothing and Letting Go of the Guilt

    Doing Nothing and Letting Go of the Guilt photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash When it comes to minimalism most people assume it’s all about decluttering and living with little. But what if I told you that it’s also about doing little? In today’s world it seems as if everyone is busy and rushed. So many times when I’ve asked colleagues what their plans are for the weekend, it’s about fulfilling a jam-packed schedule. Even the ones who say they plan to relax tell me the next week that they’ve actually ‘been really busy’, and there’s a knowing smile, a ‘me too’, and ‘it never stops does it?’, from…

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    Supporting Friends with Depression

    If I asked you, ‘how are you today?’, how would you react? Perhaps with a cursory, ‘fine thanks, how are you?’, as seems to be the norm whenever somebody asks that. But all too often, we hide our true feelings inside. Fear of judgement, fear of vulnerability, shame, confusion. When it comes to mental health, many are afraid to talk about it or to admit that they’re anything but ‘fine’, but in the past few years with world-changing traumas, and now facing ever uncertain times, it is more important than ever. First there was the pandemic, and the traumatic after effects of loss and lockdown are still being felt today.…

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    Decluttering My Shed the Minimalist Way

    Before you read this post, I would like to warn you that although it is about decluttering my shed, it also touches upon the grief of losing a parent (my dad). If you’re okay with that, or would even find some comfort in it, go ahead. Like attics and garages, the shed is often one of the most cluttered, and the most forgotten. Sheds are generally used to store gardening tools and equipment, but over time, these places tend to become a catch-all for things you were too tired to put away, things you weren’t sure about, things you got in a sale, holiday decor, bins and shelves from past…