Turning Left- Why it’s Worth Pursuing the Lonely Path of An Unconventional Lifestyle

When you live an unconventional lifestyle, such as minimalism, the journey can be a lonely one, particularly if nobody around you understands. 

This goes for anything, whether it’s quitting your job to run your own business, quitting alcohol, getting up at 5am every morning to write, or spending hours sketching and painting when you could be doing any other number of fun, distracting things. 

It’s easy to find an online community, but as far as your life beyond the screen goes, you’ll often find that you’re pretty much on your own because 99% of people choose the easiest or well-trodden way most of the time. 

It’s too scary to go the way less-travelled because it involves more exploration, more self-discovery, and it’s more lonesome not walking with the crowd. 

Occasionally, you might randomly come across somebody else who is following a similar path to you. Moments like that are truly exhilarating.  If you’re passionate about what you’re doing you will eventually attract like-minded people and the universe will conspire to make it so, even if it’s just one individual. 

But, ultimately, the path you’re following must be your own, and if it feels right to you, don’t stray from that path, because if you live according to your own beliefs and values, you will be well on your way to living life on your terms.

It takes serious courage to turn left when everyone else is going straight ahead, and real passion and guts to carry on down that left turn when nobody else will support you on that path, but the results will be incredible.

It takes serious courage to turn left when everyone else is going straight ahead

Sometimes, it’s painful to keep going, but I assure you, be that 1% who dares to be different, and your life will be different as a result. 

The well-trodden path will only lead to the same old fossilised results. 

Instead of carrying on lost in the sea of everybody else headed in the same direction, stop and question yourself. 

What are your values, really? Do you honestly value brands and fashion, or is it just to fit in or gain status? How would you feel deep down if you released the weight and expectations of those trends? 

What are your true interests? Are you really enjoying climbing the corporate ladder, or does your heart ache for more? What could your life look like if you dared to step off that ladder? 

Do you really love all the stuff you’re surrounded by and forever organising, or do you yearn for a simpler, less stressful life?

Are you afraid of looking ‘uncool’ or ‘being a drag’ if you study your ass off to pursue your true passion? What could your life look like if you spent less time with the people who made you feel that way and you became successful? 

Once you take a peek down that path, the questions are endless. Once you walk down it, the possibilities are infinite. 

If you have a nagging feeling deep down inside that you’re not being true to yourself, that there’s a different way to live, follow your heart and turn left. 

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

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