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    5 Steps to Financial Lightness

    When it comes to minimalism, we often think about decluttering our homes, but rarely do we think about financial clutter.  You know you have financial clutter when just like overstuffed closets, your money is so out of control you can no longer tell what’s incoming or what’s outgoing. And it feels so overwhelming to sort through that you put it off for another day, only to become more stressed that money seems to be getting sucked into a void.  Recently, I noticed my money was disappearing faster than I was receiving it, so I finally put aside some time to log into my bank and see what was going on. …

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    My Shopping Ban Plan 2021

    2021 is almost upon us, and one of my goals (which I’m actually starting from now) is to get a real handle on my finances and let minimalism work its magic on my bank account. I’m not going to lie; I have a real weakness for books, video games, cafe trips, alcohol, takeaways, and replacing my backpacks for newer ones that catch my eye. My worst financial sins by far are falling back on Paypal Credit or my Argos store card. The allure of these credit services has allowed me, throughout 2020, to make some really silly financial decisions and questionable purchases that were far from mindful. Admittedly, finances are…