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    Site transformation

    I’ve wanted a great looking website for a while now; one that really conveys my theme and message. So that I can have the site I envision, I am working out how to transfer and eventually change over to Squarespace (which I tried out and loved because it’s so simple and intuitive). Plus, I’ve changed and grown so exponentially that I feel like releflecting that with a new website and a fresh new design. Due to being so busy with my very demanding and very attached 5 month old, it could take a while, but I will get there as with everything else. Stay tuned.

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    A Year Long Thank you!

    Minimalistmojo recently turned a year old and I just want to say a big thank you to my readers and followers. It’s been a strange and intense year of growth to say the least, and I’ve learned so much, not just about minimalism, but about who I am and what I stand for. I want to keep this blog going to help as many as possible on the road to minimalism and self-discovery, and am thinking about some fresh new looks for the blog, as well as expanding my reach. This week’s post is late coming, but will be about authenticity, and how we sometimes wear a mask without even realising. Once again,…