How to Make Your Home Fresh and Lively

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In the midst of the pandemic, most people have spent more time at home than ever before, and this can lead to extra wear and tear on living spaces. You might be ready to freshen up your home a bit so it will be a healthier place and better meet the needs of your family.

Clean Up

Your first step in freshening up your home is cleaning up. It’s easy to let things slide a bit when you’re busy and other family members are home so much. Now, though, it’s time to dust, scrub, and vacuum. Begin by making a list of chores that need to be accomplished, everything from cleaning the kitchen and bathroom to vacuuming carpets and washing windows. To make sure everyone pitches in, draw lots to see who gets which chore. Then take a Saturday and go to it. No matter how much grumbling you hear (or make), you’ll enjoy your clean house in the end.


As part of your cleaning routine, organize your home. Purchase some new shelving or storage units, sort your possessions, and store them safely away. Reorganize closets and kitchen cupboards as needed. You’ll enjoy having everything in its place and easy to access. Eliminate clutter and toss out, give away, or sell any items you no longer need.


Now that your home is clean and organized, you can do some redecorating. Add a fresh coat of paint to some rooms or new hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Purchase a piece of furniture that you’ve been eying or a few decorative accessories, such as rugs or artwork. You can even switch out your sofa pillows and bedding for a new look. Even if you don’t buy anything new, you can at least rearrange your furniture in a room or two for something fresh. Just be sure to warn family members about that so no one stumbles over anything in the dark.


If you feel up for a bigger project, you might consider some renovations. You may, for instance, remodel your basement to create an entertainment room, a home gym, a yoga or meditation space, or even an arts and crafts room. If you’re quite handy, you can attempt this yourself, but it might be less stressful to hire a reliable, licensed contractor to manage the job. Be sure to plan carefully and get an estimate of expenses in writing. Costs for a project like this will depend on the nature of your improvements, your location, and the materials you choose. Whatever modifications you choose to make, keep all receipts and take before-and-after pictures so you can document any upgrades should you ever choose to sell your home.

You may also attempt a few smaller projects if you aren’t up for a basement remodel. You might, for instance, switch out your closet doors or put up a new light fixture in the kitchen. You could add crown molding in the living room or a chair rail in the dining room, or even replace worn-out flooring. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy Your Refreshed Home

When you’ve cleaned up, organized, redecorated, and renovated, sit back and enjoy your fresh and lively home.

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