Why You Should Minimise Your Photo Collection

When we think about decluttering stuff, the last thing that comes to our minds are photos. Yet photos build up to the thousands, especially since the introduction of smartphones. We click, snap and tap every moment and expression, now we not only have to keep up with physical prints but Continue Reading

How To Live With Someone Else’s Clutter

Living with a non-minimalist  When you minimise your own possessions and you’re the only minimalist in a household, you will inevitably start to notice other people’s stuff. You will have all sorts of ideas in your head about what should go and what should stay.  Why does your husband insist Continue Reading

Clutter Culprits: How to Remain Vigilant

Even the most seasoned minimalists will end up overwhelmed with more clutter if they don’t regularly keep on top of what comes in and what goes out of the home. Left unchecked, it’s easy to become complacent and end up back where you started.  Below, I’ve listed some of the Continue Reading