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    The Sober Minimalist – Why I’m Quitting Alcohol

    Photo by Eneko Uruñuela on Unsplash Despite this blog being centered around minimalism, this weekend I feel like sharing that I’m 3 weeks alcohol-free (which is actually a type of minimalism for the body if you think about it).  It’s not like I haven’t tried to quit before. Since my mid-twenties the longest I’ve ever gone without booze is 9 months when I was pregnant. The rest of the time I was drinking almost every evening, and the amount I was consuming each night was steadily creeping up. So were the amount of hangovers. I never used to be a big drinker. The only times I’d drink was on occasional boozy nights out…

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    From Sofa Dweller to Travel Lover – How Minimalism Gave Me the Travel Bug

    Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash Before I became a minimalist, I wanted nothing more than to be grounded in one place, surrounded by all the things that made me feel safe; my game consoles, my figurines, and my shelves of books and games (not to mention the clutter from other eras of my life I had stuffed into every available cranny).  I was certainly not a traveller. Just the thought of moving house or going to another town, city or country for longer than a fortnight made me feel scared and defensive.  No way could I leave behind all my stuff for that long! I’d get bored and twitchy.…